PewDiePie’s YouTube battle with T-Series inspires new video game

by Matt Porter


A game designer has taken inspiration from Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg’s intense battle with T-Series for YouTube’s top spot to create a brand new video game featuring the Swede and his fiancée Marzia.


The game, titled Zero Deaths, sees PewDiePie in an apocalyptic landscape where he must defend Marzia and the world, from hordes of sub bots, or fake subscribers on YouTube, who are attempting to destroy the world.

The use of sub bots as the main villain of the game is an obvious nod to T-Series, who have been accused of using bots to inflate their subscribers, with the Swede even mentioning the idea in his diss track titled Bitch Lasagna.

PewDiePie fights hordes of sub bots in Zero Deaths.


Zero Deaths is created by indie game developer Thomas Brush, who told The Verge that despite building a game based around the YouTuber,  he thinks the battle is a “fun little internet phenomenon” and hasn’t taken a side in the war between PewDiePie and T-Series.

Production of the game started when Brush asked Kjellberg to “dare him” to make a video game in 14 days, a task that the Swede duly performed, with Brush livestreaming the process of creating the indie title from its conception right up to completion.

The game has now been released, and Brush has released a trailer for Zero Deaths which shows gameplay alongside how the game came to be.



The battle between PewDiePie and T-Series continues to wage on, with the Bollywood production company briefly overtaking Kjellberg after asking Indian celebrities for the help.

Zero Deaths is available on indie games platform Ichi.io right now, and players can choose how much they would like to pay for the title, with 50% of tips going to charity.

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