PewDiePie beats T-Series to 89 million subs, race to 90 million begins

Connor Bennett
YouTube: PewDiePie

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has beaten his fierce rival T-Series to yet another major subscriber milestone – less than a day after his reign at the top looked to be over.

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The hugely popular Swedish YouTuber has held the top spot on YouTube for a number of years, but his reign at the top was plunged into danger in 2018 by the Bollywood Production company. Since appearing on the scene, T-Series has pushed the Swede all the way, forcing Pewds and his fans to pull out all the stops. 

His rabid fanbase has obliged with help at every step of the way – with some holding a parade and others advertising in their local Walmart store. More notable names, like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, have also done their part – keeping the Swede ahead. 

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YouTube: PewDiePie
The Swede holds a slender lead but remains on top.

Now, with the support from Musk and others, PewDiePie has hit another major milestone – with T-Series still trailing closely behind.

Thanks to a recent influx of subscribers on March 12, Kjellberg has now crossed the 89 million subscribers mark – despite his lead at the top having slipped to less than 400 on March 11.

It’s another major marker passed for the YouTube’s number one channel, as the race to 90 million subscribers continues – and as he looks to retain his spot as the king of the platform following a number of recent close calls.

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Just how long the Swede has left on top remains to be seen but, right now, the focus is on securing another load of subscribers on his march to 90 million.

Plus, even if he does eventually fall behind to T-Series, he’s beaten all of the initial projections that had him losing his lead some time ago. 

Pewds and his fans continue to surprise everyone, and we wouldn’t put it past them to have a few other ideas lined up to keep his reign at the top going.