PewDiePie blasts the “cringiest trend” on TikTok

YouTuber PewDiePie laughing next to TikTok logoYouTube: PewDiePie / TikTok

During his April 28 upload, YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg revealed what is one of the most annoying aspects about TikTok. The Swedish star hilariously slammed the “cringiest” trend and asked content creators to stop doing it.

While PewDiePie was initially skeptical of TikTok, the YouTube king was eventually won over by its variety of entertaining content. Despite his change of heart, however, the 31-year-old still finds certain aspects of the site to be frustrating.

During his latest upload, the star explained why he can’t stand a popular video format currently plaguing the social media platform. The Swede went off on the “cringy”  trend and jokingly demanded that it needs to be stopped at all costs.

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PewDiepie reacts to TikTokYouTube: PewDiePie
The Swedish YouTuber isn’t a fan of one TikTok trend.

PewDiePie calls out “cringey” TikTok trend

Although Kjellberg’s experience with TikTok has only continued to improve, the YouTube star still has a few bones to pick with how some videos are made. In particular, he revealed that he can’t stand the site’s “reply” format where creators film themselves “reacting” to something in silence.

While watching an example of this during his April 28 upload, he asked, “Why are they pretending like they never seen it?” before mimicking the content creator’s supposedly genuine “scared” reaction. He then yelled out, “SHUT UP STOP REPLYING!”

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The Swede took aim at the format later on his video after watching a trivia clip about Adam Sandler’s 1995 film Billy Madison. When the YouTuber saw a content creator taking up half the screen and silently watching it, he exclaimed, “Why are you replying? Go away, shush, SHUSH! You’re not supposed to be there!”

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This isn’t the first time the YouTuber has taken aim at the reply trend either. In his April 20th upload about why he changed his mind on TikTok, he called out the video format and yelled, “WHY! Why do people have to add themselves into… this is fine on its own. We don’t need your stupid face there!”

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He then told his viewers that while he began to come around to the social media platform, the reply trend makes the site still cringe. “It’s stuff like this that makes TikTok so cringey in my opinion. Another unnecessary person deciding to film themselves. For no reason. Just let the TikTok be. You don’t need to add yourself. I know it’s tempting.”

(Topic starts at 7:09)

While Pewds let his feelings be known on TikTok’s reply format earlier in the month, the YouTuber hilariously went off on it during his latest upload. So it doesn’t seem likely that the 31-year-old will come around to the trend anytime soon.

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Despite the criticisms though, he has warmed up to the social media website – which he attributes to its algorithm getting better at recommending him content that he is interested in. Who knows, maybe the star will eventually start making TikToks of his own.

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