PewDiePie saves 'Jesus Christ' by giving him a shout-out

by Calum Patterson
PewDiePie / @SoCalChrist


YouTube king Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg has been credited with saving 'Jesus Christ' - a YouTuber who impersonates the biblical Jesus on YouTube - by giving him a shout-out.


In a bizarre yet admittedly heartwarming story, PewDiePie has helped this YouTuber, who claims to legitimately be named 'Jesus H. Christ', in an ongoing custody battle for his three children.

Jesus began a fundraising effort in order to be able to afford a lawyer to work for him in the proceedings, and so PewDiePie decided to help, because "Jesus has always had my back."


It's not the first time that Kjellberg helped the YouTuber either, as he previously rallied for Jesus to be unbanned from 'Fiverr', a site where he took commissions to say whatever people wanted, while dressed as the biblical Jesus.

Jesus made a video out of character on January 6, explaining his origins of growing up in a 'cult' and that his children remain in the grips of this cultish organization. You can watch the original video below.


Following this video, PewDiePie gave Jesus a shout-out, linking directly to Jesus' Patreon, on January 10,  and the goal of $13,500 was quickly reached, currently sitting at $16,893, thanks to 2,893 patrons.

On January 12, Jesus uploaded a follow up video titled 'PewDiePie saves Jesus, again!' Back in character, He explains that thanks the influx of support, he has been able to continue the custody battle.


These videos have gone incredible viral in recent days, with the latest reaching over a million views in less than 24 hours. PewDiePie's own video has over 7 million at the time of writing.

The YouTube community has been taken in by Jesus' situation, and continues to support him with further donations and merchandise purchases.

However, Jesus' states that all revenue he makes from YouTube will go to a charity for protecting dogs, rather than his own income.