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PewDiePie roasts YouTube Rewind 2018 in brutal reaction video

Published: 7/Dec/2018 20:43 Updated: 7/Dec/2018 20:46

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube’s most-subscribed creator, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, spoke out about this year’s YouTube Rewind in a brutal response video on December 7 – and even feels that the site’s community is more unhappy with the platform than ever before.

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PewDiePie took issue with the more “political” segment of Rewind, where a group of notable YouTubers gathered around a campfire to praise creators who raised money for charity or spoke out about mental health.

“You were paid!” Pewds said of the segment, seeming to specifically call out a line said by YouTuber Gabbie Hanna.

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“It takes a lot of bravery to be that vulnerable, and I’m so proud of this community,” Gabbie stated.


“I takes a lot of bravery – and money – to be that vulnerable,” Pewds continued.

He went on to discuss the overwhelming amount of dislikes the video received as opposed to previous years, noting that YouTube Rewind 2018 has a ratio of over two million dislikes to 1,500,000 likes – a massive disparity compared to 2016 and even 2017.

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“It was almost like people wanted to dislike it before it even came out, because the community is more unhappy with YouTube than ever,” PewDiePie commented. “Rewind… seemed like a homage to the creators that year. It was something cool to be part of. Now, I’m almost glad I’m not in it, because it’s such a cringy video at this point.”


While PewDiePie expressed some disappointment that he wasn’t in last year’s Rewind, both he and the majority of YouTube’s audience appear to be displeased by this year’s video – even wondering if it’s possible to make a good Rewind, at all.