PewDiePie roasts Ninja for “doubling down” on Fortnite/NFL kickers tweet

Scott Robertson
Eric Ananmalay for ESPAT Media / YouTube: PewDiePie

In his most recent daily YouTube upload, Pewdiepie unpacked Ninja’s tweets on Fortnite and NFL kickers that went viral, and the Swedish internet superstar wasted no time in pointing out what Ninja did wrong and what he should aim for in the near future.

Ninja has had a busy week, with the return of Halo to PC and his appearance on the True Geordie podcast where he declared his goal of becoming the “world’s greatest gamer.”

But Ninja’s declaration of his lofty goal was preceded by a series of Saturday night tweets that set Twitter ablaze with all manner of responses, having to do with kickers in the NFL.

YouTube: True Geordie Podcast
Ninja while on the True Geordie Podcast

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In the now-deleted tweets, Ninja expressed his opinion that the idea of NFL kickers missing “simple kicks” didn’t make any sense to him and that there should be a pool of NFL kickers available that wouldn’t miss them.

Ninja said in that first tweet that he “would love opinions on this” subject, and he certainly got plenty of those. When one person replied with a parody of Ninja’s original tweet about Fortnite players, the popular Mixer streamer responded with a fiery defense of the difficulty of Fortnite, calling the reply “s***ty” and the analogy “horrible [and] kind of embarrassing.” The tweets and replies harbored all sorts of responses from people but have finally caught the attention of one of YouTuber’s most prominent creators in PewDiePie.

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In his December 5 upload, titled “Ninja made a bad tweet,” Pewds took a look at Ninja’s original tweet on kicking and the divisive reply regarding Fortnite and weighed in on how the tweet was handled.

When looking at the reply, Felix said “this is what ruined it for me. Like yeah, sometimes I tweet dumb s**t too, that’s fine. But then he doubled down on it!”

After reading it aloud, PewDiePie focused in on the very last part of the reply, when Ninja says the Fortnite comparison was “kind of embarrassing.”

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“Why would it be embarrassing,” he asked, “for a random stranger to tweet at you? It’s like he’s projecting what he said as kind of embarrassing onto someone else, and he makes no sense at all. Ninja, my man, stop, get some help.”

Prior to Pewdiepie weighing in on him, Felix said: “I like Ninja, don’t get me wrong.” And afterward, he said he believes Ninja does have the potential to become the world’s greatest gamer if he can do one simple thing.

YouTube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie had to roast Ninja a little bit, but offered some advice as well.

“Stop trying so hard. You can have that [being the world’s greatest gamer] without shoving it into people’s faces.”

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Ninja has taken the roasting he received from people in stride, as he followed up the next day with a parody of his original tweet about drinking too much wine. Regardless of how he approaches his goal, he’s already well on his way to potentially achieving it, as he already has one of the largest presences of any gamer in the world.

At the end of the day, the most important lesson to take away from all of this is that kickers are people too.