PewDiePie roasts Liver King’s “lame” apology after being exposed for steroid use

pewdiepie on liver kingYouTube: PewDiePie / Liver King

After TikTok star Liver King was exposed for past steroid use, and subsequently apologized for lying about it, PewDiePie has given his take, criticizing the apology for spreading a bad message.

Liver King, who is most popular on TikTok, is known for his unnaturally muscular physique which he maintains at a very low body fat percentage year round. Despite denying PED use in the past, he has now been forced to admit that it was, as many suspected, not natural at all.

This was particularly damning for the Liver King, as he built his brand around living like our ancestors in order to escape the pitfalls of modern life and regain confidence and improve testosterone in men especially.

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He made money through selling supplements that would adhere to this ‘ancestral living’, all the while not disclosing that he himself attained his incredible physique with the aid of multiple PEDs and hormone replacement therapy.

After being exposed thanks to leaked emails shared by YouTuber MorePlatesMoreDates, Liver King came clean, admitting that he has in the past, and continues to use performance-enhancing compounds.

Reacting to his apology, however, PewDiePie was not impressed. Having previously criticized other ‘fake naturals’ in the fitness space, the Swedish YouTuber did not buy the Liver King’s explanation.

Liver King suggested his goal was to help men suffering from depression and the rising suicide rate, but PewDiePie shut this down.

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“He’s selling supplements, that’s really the reason… You are the problem, you are not the solution.”

PewDiePie goes on to say that if Liver King had admitted this of his own volition, rather than after being exposed, he would have respected it. “But this is just performative and lame.”

He also slams Liver King’s explanation that it is due to his “low self-esteem”, as though anyone with low self-esteem needs PEDs to help. “I also sometimes have low self-esteem, that is not an excuse to take steroids.”