PewDiePie reveals when his Minecraft series will return

Published: 15/Jun/2020 13:25 Updated: 15/Jun/2020 13:27

by Connor Bennett


YouTube superstar Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has revealed when he will make his return to Minecraft after recently changing his mind on ditching the series for good. 

Even though it has been around since 2009, Minecraft has exploded in popularity again in recent months after content creators across YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer decided to hop back and play the hugely popular sandbox title. 

Though, when it comes to Minecraft, there aren’t many bigger names than PewDiePie. The Swede’s series centering around his Bro Land save has become pretty legendary – with him even going as far as changing his mind about canceling the series after fans pleaded with him to keep going. While Pewds hasn’t returned just yet, he’s revealed when he will do so.

YouTube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie’s Minecraft series has become the stuff of legends.

During his June 14 episode of Last Week I Asked You, Felix showed a post from his subreddit that pointed out that he was approaching the birthday of Sven – his Minecraft dog.“24 days until Sven’s Birthday! Epic!” Pewds said, reading the post, before he added his own take on things. 

“I guess now we know when I will return to Minecraft boys. It’s happening,” Pewds added before jokingly saying “smash like” and moving on to the next post. For anyone confused about the date that was being alluded to for Sven’s birthday, it’s actually Friday, July 3. 

Timestamp of 9:35 for mobile viewers

Now, of course, this all likely means that the Swede will have a video all set to go on July 3 as he throws a celebration for his pet – and knowing what Pewds has cooked up in Minecraft before, it’s sure to be a pretty lavish party.

As for seeing him make a full-time return to Minecraft, PewDiePie said that he would play the game anytime something was updated, so once Sven’s birthday has come and gone, fans could be in for a little bit of a wait.


Twitch’s new stream “Boost” feature raises concern for smaller channels

Published: 3/Dec/2020 2:26

by Alan Bernal


Twitch is rolling out a new feature for eligible channels called “Boost this stream,” with the hopes of giving people an avenue to be featured on “highly visible parts” of the platform. However, there are concerns it’ll be damaging for the smaller streams trying to get noticed.

The new Community Challenge requires viewers to pool their Channel Points to unlock the reward. Streamers will get notified once the challenge is available on their channel, then will relay that to their community to start chipping away at the progress bar.

But there are concerns about its application. It’ll be on Twitch’s discretion for who gets to run the promotion as well as the target number to hit before a channel can be successfully Boosted.

The only hard number guideline with ‘Boost this stream’ is the 2,000 point limit that each user can contribute per day. Since individual streamers don’t know what their Boost target will be, some suggest this will be an easy feature to exploit.

“How is not going to be abused by larger streams with more viewers, and therefore a bigger pool?” one person wrote. “IMO channel points devoted for use with a Community Challenge should be weighted in value depending on viewership.”

Twitch responded saying “the amount of Channel Points required to successfully boost a stream is scaled with the size and viewership of the channel,” though a clear metric of how the cap increases wasn’t made available.

Another issue raised was the way Twitch would consider someone to be a ‘small streamer,’ seeing as they’ll be the likely candidates to receive the chance to get Boosted.

If it’s going by viewer count, then small streamers can be anything from 2-10 average viewers to 100-2000 live watchers per session. If it’s going by follower count or subscriber count, then that has its own implications as well.

But Boost is a wholly experimental feature that has a lot of variables still being workshopped. For example, in the FAQ, Twitch says that everything from what’s considered as a high visibility part of the site to who the feature is available as it rolls out could change.

As the company gets this feature into more users’ hands, expect Twitch to make adjustments depending on how Boost gets received throughout December.