PewDiePie reveals his insane new mobile gaming controller

. 2 years ago
PewDiePie, YouTube

YouTube king Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has revealed a brand-new controller that takes mobile gaming “to the next level” — quite literally, by mounting one’s phone to a light gun device.

PewDiePie unveiled the bizarre-looking product in a March 24 video, revealing the “Arkade Blaster,” which makes players’ FPS mobile gaming experiences more “immersive” by mounting your phone to an imitation gun that vibrates with every shot.

Complete with motion controls that track players’ movements, the Blaster makes it seem as though you’re truly in the game — something PewDiePie claims will make users better players and even give them the upper hand in conflict.

Arkade Inc. / Fortyseven / PewDiePie
PewDiePie unveiled the Arkade Blaster, a unique accessory that acts as a mount for your mobile device.

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“Who would’ve thought mobile gaming was immersive?” he joked. “It makes you a better player, it gives you an advantage, but it’s also just a really fun and unique way of playing. I legit have a blast when I play this.”

To illustrate his point, Kjellberg used the controller on a series of mobile games like Modern Combat 5, Shadowgun War Games and even Fortnite Mobile — something he also joked about in his video.

“Fortnite — I played two hours with Ninja, no kills,” he jibbed. “First time I have the [Arkade Blaster], I’m epic.”

Fortyseven / Arkade Inc.
The Arkade Blaster works with a slew of mobile titles and even PC games.

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Although you might look a bit odd with this massive piece of equipment mounted to your phone, it’s apparently highly effective and works with any mobile device.

Who knows — maybe this is mobile gaming’s answer to the virtual reality trend.

“It’s such a fun product,” the Swede continued. “I’m really happy I’m working with Arkade. It’s been really cool to see this come to life.”

(Timestamp: 0:25 for mobile readers)

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PewDiePie has been working alongside Arkade Inc. for the duration of their project, offering insight on the Blaster’s prototypes and button layouts, even creating his own custom skin for the device.

The Arkade Blaster is also compatible with PC games like PUBG and Rainbow Six, — but fans hoping to score the product will be set back $99, so it’s not exactly a cheap accessory.

For those looking to nab the controller, it’s only going to be available until April 24, so get in while you can if you’re looking for an interesting new way to switch up your mobile gaming experience.

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