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PewDiePie reveals “final strength” that will allow him to win YouTube race with T-Series

Published: 25/Mar/2019 22:35 Updated: 25/Mar/2019 23:01

by Alan Bernal


The battle for YouTube supremacy against Indian music label PewDiePie’ Kjellberg to reveal his final hand for combating the growing foe.

PewDiePie’s fight against T-Series has seen the Swede enlist the help of other YouTubers, pioneering CEO Elon Musk, and crazy stunts. But with the subscriber counts routinely swinging back and forth, it looks like PewDiePie is ready to unleash his ace in the hole.

In a March 25 video, PewDiePie reviewed a series of ‘I am very smart’ memes but not before touting his impeccable intellect that makes him confident to overtake T-Series.

PewDiePieThe Swede pointed to his many strengths that will help him overcome T-Series, including his “good looks.”

In the clip, he listed the numerous weapons in his arsenal that were at his disposal to overcome T-Series before a hilarious reveal.

“The last thing I have not mentioned in the battle me versus T-Series,” PewDiePie said. “My final move, I have revealed all my strengths so far: Extremely handsome and good looking, very big tongue, I can eat G-Fuel raw, Crab King. But number five, listen to this: I am incredibly smart.”

(Timestamp at 0:06 for mobile viewers)

PewDiePie showed off his massive IQ while scoffing at anything lower than his genius, saying: “140 IQ? 200 IQ? Don’t make me laugh. 5000 IQ, is that all you have?”

The Swedish content creator joked his IQ had been measured to be “100 million 100,” vastly surpassing anything on this plain of existence.

Armed with a superior intellect, PewDiePie won’t have a problem overcoming T-Series who is over 1300 subs ahead of him at the time of writing.

The battle may be waning, but it certainly isn’t over for PewDiePie who has pulled himself out of similar binds before.

Even as the subscriber counts ever fluctuates, it will be easy for someone with that kind of shear genius to think up a way to retake the lead in no time.


Asmongold defends Forsen after learning the real reason for Twitch ban

Published: 27/Nov/2020 20:11

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular Twitch star ‘Asmongold’ went to bat for fellow streamer Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors after the Swede was banned from the platform on November 26.

At first, no one knew the real reason for Forsen’s ban, with some thinking it may have been DMCA-related. However, viewers soon discovered that for a brief moment in a recent broadcast he showed a gif of a horse in a very inappropriate scene.

Despite this, Asmongold decided to stick up for Forsen during his own broadcast and call out Twitch for banning him due to an honest mistake.

“How the f**k is that going to be TOS? If…I don’t understand. You’ve got other people and they’re going around showing Animal Planet,” he explained. “Like you see literal animals killing each other, but you see a horse’s d**k?”

To this, Asmongold makes an interesting point. There are streams on Twitch that document animals in the wild and they can get into some rather freaky situations that, while natural, aren’t exactly the kind of thing you’d show your boss.

“Listen, horses don’t wear clothes, you know that?” the streamer sarcastically stated. “So, if you look at a horse, you’re going to see their d**k. Like, that’s all there is to it. It’s weird, man.”

However, right after making this argument, the streamer learned that it wasn’t just the horse that got Forsen banned, but the girl who was in the gif with the animal that changed the whole conversation. Briefly, anyway.

“Okay, that’s a little bit different,” he confessed. “It’s a little bit more than what I thought it was.”

Despite this, Asmongold still defended Forsen for the mistake of showing the gif. “I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal. You show that for like a second, right? Cause it’s an accident.”

According to the popular World of Warcraft player, one second of footage shouldn’t determine a whole Twitch career. “That seems stupid to me,” he added. “But you know, here we are.”

Unfortunately for Forsen, the streamer says this time, his ban is indefinite and it’s unclear when, if ever, he will be unbanned.

Hopefully, with Asmongold speaking out, Twitch can agree to let this incident slide and let Fors back on the platform so he can stream again.