PewDiePie responds after accidentally leaking his email address twice

Virginia Glaze
PewDiePie, YouTube

Social media star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg recently moved all of his live streams to YouTube in an exclusive deal — but one broadcast saw him accidentally leak personal information in front of thousands of viewers.

PewDiePie went live on May 14 with fellow YouTuber ‘CinnamonToastKen,’ setting up a few preferences on his Activision account before jumping into a game.

However, one of the settings for his Activision profile featured a menu that revealed his personal email address — a massive breach of privacy that he quickly noticed.

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PewDiePie, YouTube
PewDiePie is YouTube’s most-subscribed independent creator – meaning that leaking his personal email address was a huge, accidental privacy breach.

“Oh, no!” he exclaimed after realizing his address was displayed on screen for all to see. “It f**king shared my email. I’m done. I’m f**king done. Careful. …why would it show that? I don’t need to know it.”

Despite claiming that he had plans to set up a new account, anyway, he went back into the game after a short break — and ended up showing his new email, in the process.

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“No!” he remarked, breaking out into laughter. “It happened again. What the f**k is happening? Alright, rest in peace, the other email. …I’m just a big ole f**k up. Oh, well. It was bound to happen at some point.”

Thankfully, the YouTuber clarified that this new email was merely a throwaway, meaning that no real damage was done.

PewDiePie commented on the humorous slip-up during a May 20 episode of “LWIAY,” after a few fans posted memes about the incident to his subreddit.

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“Yeah, first it was the game’s fault,” he clarified. “And then it was just my fault. Because I’m smart like that.”

(Topic begins at 1:38 for mobile readers)

“Yeah, maybe this live streaming thing wasn’t such a good idea,” he continued after laughing at another meme from a fan. “I am such an idiot. I can’t help it! I’m just born and raised dumb. Very dumb-dumb.”

Although he’s lost two email accounts due to his accidental leak, Kjellberg revealed that he isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself — and has probably learned a highly valuable lesson about streaming, in the process.