PewDiePie opens up on declining health of beloved pug Maya: “She’s so old”

pewdiepie updates fans on maya pug declining healthInstagram: pewdiepie

YouTube king PewDiePie gave fans a somber update regarding the declining health of his elderly pet pug, Maya.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and wife Marzia are the proud owners of two pugs, Maya and Edgar.

They’ve owned the adorable pups for years, and fans have been able to watch the dogs grow up and subsequently enter their golden years in the care of the famous YouTube couple.

Felix and Marzia recently moved to Japan from the UK, opting to fly their pugs in a private jet rather than risking their health in a stuffy cargo hold.

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pewdiepie with pugs instagramInstagram: itsmarziapie
PewDiePie and Marzia have owned their two pugs, Maya (left) and Edgar (right) for many years.

Although both dogs made it to their destination safe and sound, Maya — their female pug who is missing an eye — is experiencing some health issues as a result of her age.

PewDiePie opened up on her well-being in a July 20 vlog, admitting that the nearly 17-year-old pug is suffering from dementia.

“We’ll see how she develops,” he said, showing off the adorable pup to his fans. “But Maya has the ‘dementies.’ She’s so old. Her mind is kinda declining a bit. Sorry I’m saying it in front of everyone.”

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According to the East Bay Veterinary Clinic, canine dementia is a “cognitive disorder in dogs that causes similar symptoms to Alzheimer’s in humans.”

These symptoms include anxiety, confusion, failure to remember routines, not recognizing their name, and extreme irritability — something PewDiePie touched on in his vlog, claiming that Maya often gets “pissed off” and “angry” during certain times of the day.

For now, it seems as though Maya is being well taken care of by her owners and often goes out with the couple, alongside Edgar, for outings in their new home in Japan.

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