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Entertainment • Jun 28, 2019

PewDiePie mocks outrage over Bell Delphine’s brilliant Pornhub prank

PewDiePie mocks outrage over Bell Delphine’s brilliant Pornhub prank
Belle Delphine, Instagram / PewDiePie, YouTube

Controversial cosplayer, Tik Tok star, and Instagram model Belle Delphine baited her fanbase with a hilarious prank on June 16 by creating a Pornhub account - with one of her videos on the site mentioning YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg.


While many of Delphine’s fans were hoping for the real deal, her Pornhub account instead served as a massive prank, with her videos sporting misleading titles that were merely a play on words.

Rather than showing sexually explicit content, Delphine’s videos featured such acts as holding two chickens (“plays with two huge cocks”) putting whipped cream on top of a pie (“gets huge dripping creampie”), and even eating a photo with PewDiePie’s face on it - a video with a title that read, “PEWDIEPIE goes all the way INSIDE Belle Delphine.”


Belle Delphine, Pornhub
Instagram star Belle Delphine hilariously baited her fanbase by creating a Pornhub account - which ended up being a huge troll.

Although PewDiePie made no public comments about the practical joke on the outset, he finally reacted to Delphine’s misleading account in an episode of ‘LWIAY’ on June 28, where he appeared to mock the “outrage” from her fanbase around the prank.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe Belle Delphine tricked us,” he said in a mocking tone after laughing at a meme about the prank that involved his fiance, Marzia Bisognin. “What?”

[Timestamp: 8:40 for mobile viewers]


Delphine’s prank predictably incited mass backlash from her fanbase, with her Pornhub videos sporting massive dislike ratios across the board.

In fact, her video with PewDiePie boasts a whopping 6534 dislikes and 4094 likes - a trend backed up by a slew of negative comments on her Instagram posts.

Social Blade, Philip Defranco - YouTube
Despite the outrage from her fanbase, Belle Delphine gained a massive amount of Instagram followers in wake of her prank, gaining a reported half-million new followers.

“Wow,” one angry fan wrote. “Disappointed but not surprised.”

“...You tricked your loyal fans, you fucked us up,” another commented. “...if you don't care then you deserve no fans at all, cuz you didn't have 1 million followers from day one. We made you famous and successful, so just put em videos on the account, it's not like you're innocent or some shit.”

Some fans were less pleased than others about Delphine's Pornhub prank.

Despite the incel outrage, others across the net found Delphine’s prank to be hilarious, with some even congratulating her for baiting her thirsty fanbase.

While Delphine’s Pornhub account serves as the perfect troll, her fans can get their fill through her Patreon account, in the interim.

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