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PewDiePie mindblown after exploring Minecraft’s new Nether update

Published: 26/Mar/2020 18:49 Updated: 26/Mar/2020 19:00

by Bill Cooney


YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg tried out the recent Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update and was amazed at the new content that’s been added to the game.

The YouTuber made his glorious return to Minecraft on March 6 after a three-month-long break from streaming or making videos about the game.

It turns out that his timing was pretty spot on, as the new Nether Update Beta, which brings a ton of new content, was released just 10 days after Felix hopped back into his save on March 16.

The Minecraft nether update added two new biomes filled with brand new materials and mobs.

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After bidding farewell to his faithful canine companion Sven and inspecting the new damage to the Swedish Meatball, Felix descended into the Nether to check out all the new content.


“It is pretty cool though, unironically I think this is dope,” the YouTuber said when he first saw the Crimson Forest. “When was the last time we saw a new biome in Minecraft?”

However, he ran into some initial trouble with the Nether’s new residents, the Piglins, and couldn’t figure out why they didn’t instantly adore him.

“There must be something I’m doing wrong, why do they not love me?” he wondered. “I’m so likeable and nice.”

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It was then that the Swede discovered Piglins will only respect you (and not attack) if you’re wearing a piece of gold armor. They’ll also trade random items like potions and materials for gold you drop for them.


After discovering the Crimson Forest, it was time to explore the Warped Forest, which is arguably exponentially creepier than the other woodland area.

Covered in a deep blue haze, the Warped Forest also boasts new materials – but it’s patrolled by the Endermen, who aren’t as easily impressed as the Piglins.

The second forest also seems much more massive than the first, but that could just be because it’s easier to tell the difference between its green grass and the Nether’s usual red.

The sheer scale of the new biomes in the Nether update is impressive.

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PewDiePie only scratched the surface of the new update though, and still has a whole new biome – the Soulsand Valley – to explore.


“There’s a new armor and a new biome we didn’t even see, oh my god,” the streamer said, amazed at the amount of new content. “Next episode, we’re going to get the Netherite armor.”

Despite taking a month-long break in January, the popular YouTuber doesn’t seem to be slowing down with his Minecraft content. His March 25 exploration of the Nether expansion has amassed millions of views and was one of the top five trending videos on the platform.