PewDiePie Hits Out at VICE Again For Slander and Weighs in on YouTube Subscription Box Debate

by Calum Patterson


YouTuber Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg has hit out at website VICE once again in his latest video, and also gave his view on the latest YouTube controversy over subscription boxes.

PewDiePie accused VICE of slander on May 25th, after the website and broadcasting company published an article entitled "PewDiePie is Teaching His Audience that Women Are Asking For It".


The article related to a video which PewDiePie had made responding to Twitch streamer Alinity, who had accused him of portraying a negative image of women to his audience calling her and other female streamers "Twitch thots".

PewDiePie highlighted the very "promiscuous" content of Alinity's stream, which VICE then presumed was the reason he felt criticism of Alinity was deserved.


But, PewDiePie explained that the reason he was critical of Alinity was for her open admission of abusing copyright law in order to receive money from videos which used her content under fair use - not because of her sexually suggestive content.

"This whole article is so painfully one sided. It's offensive because it insinuates that somehow I said it's ok to harass or sexually assault (or even worse) women, because of what they wear. I never said this.

It's funny to me how a website that claimed that they know how millennials think and what content they want can be so disconnected from their own audience."

I said [Alinity] deserves criticism for abusing copyright law - there is something very wrong with that and you should be allowed to be criticized. Yes, it's the internet and there will be a small percentage of harassment, it's unfortunate, and I never said anyone deserves that, that's ridiculous."


PewDiePie also addressed the concerns which a number of YouTubers have expressed over the new subscription box algorithm, which now presents videos of subscribed channels to users in an order determined by YouTube itself, rather than chronologically.

"That just seems like a terrible idea. YouTube has just changed so many things over the years that none of the creators wanted and none of the users seem to want either, but they always just move ahead with it anyway.

And usually, it's fine. But the subscription box has been the last bastion, the last stronghold of YouTube that hadn't been altered and hasn't been changed. It is so difficult to find videos from a certain person in the recommended tab, home tab, trending tab and all these things that no one really wants.

And in a way they are kind of nice - but just don't touch the subscription feed. I have to be honest though, a lot of times people get outraged with updates and they're not really as bad as everyone thinks."

You can watch PewDiePie's full video on VICE and YouTube's subscription boxes below.