PewDiePie hits back at Dhar Mann over criticism drama: “Have some balls”

YouTube: PewDiePie / Dhar Mann

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg reacted to Dhar Mann’s video about online hate that featured him. The Swedish star explained why he thinks the 37-year-old entrepreneur needs to learn how to take criticism.  

Back in June, YouTuber Dhar Mann criticized PewDiePie for mocking one of his self-help videos. While Kjellberg defended his comments at the time as being taken out of context, the 31-year-old had more to say during his September 1 2021 upload.

After reacting to the entrepreneur’s video on online hate comments, he revealed that he felt “bad” that his jokes were taken seriously. However, Pewds said that the content creator needs to learn how to take criticism.

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YouTuber PewDiePie reacts to Dhar Mann videoYouTube: PewDiePie
The YouTuber reacted to Dhar Mann’s now-infamous video criticizing him.

PewDiePie explains why Dhar Mann needs to learn how to take criticism

Pewds reacted to the 37-year-old’s video for his latest upload. After seeing how serious the content creator took his jokes, Kjellberg exclaimed, “We didn’t say anything about Dhar Mann himself. We criticized the video. And I think it was fair criticism. Now I actually feel bad.”

Although he felt terrible about how his comments were taken, he had his own criticism for the fellow YouTuber. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You gotta be able to deal with some comments. And you know what, I’ve also had to deal with a lot of hate comments. You gotta have some balls man.”

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Kjellberg then elaborated further and said, “If you get criticism, it can help build character. It helped me grow a lot of confidence. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Obviously commenting on somebody else’s appearance, that is just bullying and stupid. But criticism on your videos can actually be helpful.”

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When his friend CinnamonToastKen asked if PewDiePie thought he couldn’t take criticism, the Swede responded, “From this reaction, I kind of, yeah. The whole goal that views are the only thing that matters, yeah. I kind of have a problem with that way of looking at things. But then again, that’s his opinion. He’s right to have that.”

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Kjellberg also clarified again that they were not making fun of the entrepreneur himself. “People are making fun of the video. Not the people in the video. We know they are just actors and kids. Kind of lame, dude. Other than that, I don’t really care.”

Despite his own criticism towards Dhar Mann, he reiterated he has nothing against him. “He’s free to do what he wants. I got nothing against him. I think it’s cool that he’s trying to do positive videos,” the popular YouTuber explained. And of course, it should be pointed out that PewDiePie has a comedic style that is often sarcastic.

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