PewDiePie gets a boost from unlikely source in YouTube battle against T-Series

by Alan Bernal


The battle for YouTube’s most subscribed channel against PewDiePie and Indian music label T-series had an unexpected twist as an endorsement from a popular adult content creator looks to shake up the competition.

PewDiePie has been able to keep his top spot as YouTube’s king of subs, but T-Series has narrowed the race by repeatedly closing the lead to less than 100,000 subscribers. Now, a new spokeswoman for the Pewds is encouraging her audience to flock to the Swede’s channel to widen the gap.

In a brief video, content creator ‘Indigo White’ urged her viewers to take a moment from their activities and head over to PewDiePie’s channel to smash the 'Subscribe' button before continuing with their day.

The video has been viewed over three million times and touts a 92 like-percentage, which the creator presumably hopes translated into more subs for the Pewds.

PewDiePie has seen growing support from adult creators that range from tasteful public service announcements to twerking videos with unique ‘PewDiePie’ ad placements.

The wave of help from content makers join a growing list of internet personalities and influencers that have rallied behind the Pewds to stay above T-Series.

Indigo White via Pornhub
Indigo White via Pornhub
Indigo White pleads for her viewers to help out PewDIePie come out on top of T-Series.

During Super Bowl weekend, MrBeast took it upon himself to make an appearance at the big game with the intention of advertising for the Pewds. Meanwhile, friendly hackers tapped into everything from printers to smart devices to spread the message.

Adult sites might not be the most conventional place to see someone voicing their support for PewDiePie, but a ton of people have definitely been made aware of his plight because of it.