PewDiePie floored by “uncanny” $4 million NFT of himself

Virginia Glaze
Wallem Skins, OpenSea / YouTube: PewDiePie

NFTs are all the rage right now, with oodles of companies jumping on the trend… but PewDiePie isn’t sure how to feel about an unofficial NFT someone made in his likeness.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is YouTube’s most-subscribed independent content creator, having just reached 111 million subscribers and standing as the platform’s fourth most-subbed channel overall.

As such, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the Swedish internet star had an NFT of himself… and it turns out, he actually does — except he didn’t sign off on it.

PewDiePie discussed the Non-Fungible Token phenomenon during a December 16 YouTube video, finding them at once both ridiculous and intriguing before showing off an NFT that someone had made of him.

YouTube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie is YouTube’s most-subscribed independent contract creator, who recently jumped to 111 million subscribers.

PewDiePie reacts to $4 million NFT of himself

The 3D-modeled PewDiePie can be seen head-bopping to an indeterminate beat, wearing a classic brofist T-Shirt alongside the YouTuber’s well-worn pink and black headphones.

It’s a dead-ringer for the influencer, and it’s certainly an object of curiosity — one that costs a whopping $4,026,347.10.

PewDiePie NFT skin
Wallem Skins, Open Sea
This NFT of PewDiePie is currently isted at nearly $4 million on OpenSeas.

Kjellberg appeared to be flabbergasted by the NFT, and quickly warned fans that he “of course, had nothing to do with this.”

“God damn it, what the f**k?” he laughed. “It sold for four million? How? It’s so uncanny. It looks just like me. Honestly, I get it. Jesus Christ, dude.”

Although Pewds wasn’t exactly exuberant over his own NFT, he generally finds the tokens to be fairly interesting, if uninspired.

“Listen, I think it’s still cool,” the YouTuber said. “I just think people are doing lame s**t with it. That’s my whole point with this.”

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“Like I said, I think there’s cool stuff to be done with NFTs, it’s just that no one is doing it,” he added. “It’s just people that don’t care who are just trying to cash in, and therefore it’s lame. Until that changes, it’s lame.”