PewDiePie finally reveals why he had to take down infamous car YouTube video

PewDiePie poses with his Nissan in My New Car video YouTubeYouTube: PewDiePie

Popular YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg opened up about his infamously deleted “My New Car” video from 2016. The star revealed the hilarious reason why he had to take down part two of the promotional upload after things went up in smoke with his sponsor.

In 2016, PewDiePie infamously lampooned content creators making vlogs about the luxury cars they were able to buy after “making it” on YouTube. Purchasing a sweet Nissan Micra, the Swedish star hilariously showed off the vehicle like it was a Lamborghini.

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The iconic clip has since been deleted, but during his May 14 upload, the 31-year-old revealed the real reason part two of the video was taken down. The sponsored collaboration almost went up in flames – literally.

PewDiePie posing with his Nissan in 2016YouTube: PewDiePie
The star hilariously made a video about his Nissan back in 2016 that was taken down.

PewDiePie reveals why “My New Car” part 2 was taken down

Kjellberg was reacting to a TikTok that showed a car alarm going off to tell the owner to use diesel fuel when the genius invention reminded him of his epic 2016 car video. “When we shot the ‘My Car’ video part two, which had to be taken down, we had to gas up the car that we were promoting,” he said.

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Pewds then explained that the company sponsoring his video told him the wrong fuel type. “We asked them TWICE ‘is it petrol or is it diesel?’ And they said petrol. It was a promo for a car, and so we shoot the video and all of a sudden there’s f**king smoke coming out of the engine. Because clearly it WAS DIESEL!” he exclaimed.

The YouTuber then told viewers that the car company was not happy with the smoke. “We were like ‘that’s funny actually, that will make the video cooler and epic’ because f**king smoke is coming out of the car. And [the sponsor] was like ‘No. That’s bad for the car’ so we can’t show it. And I’m like ‘YOU SAID PETROL! WHEN IT WAS DIESEL!’ Stupid idiot. And then they made me take the video down,” he said joked.

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(Topic starts at 6:18)

Due to the gasoline mishap, the Swedish entertainer said that the upload had to be removed off his channel to not upset the company sponsoring the clip. The iconic upload is still revered by fans to this day due its hilariously accurate parody of the car trend that was taking over YouTube back in 2016.

Nearly five years later, the two-part video is still removed from YouTube. But it’s interesting to now know a little more about why they were taken down in the first place. The story behind how it was made sounds just as hilarious as the upload itself.

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It’s doubtful PewDiePie will be showing off his actual car anytime soon though, as in recent years the 31-year old has found himself letting go of many of his material things after becoming obsessed with philosophy. Still, there are probably plenty of epic behind-the-scenes stories he can tell us about his 10-year career on the video platform.

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