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PewDiePie defends fan who recorded him during pop-up shop meet and greet

Published: 15/Apr/2022 20:31

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star PewDiePie came to his fan’s defense after they recorded him helping out at his wife Marzia’s pop-up shop last month.

PewDiePie is the most-subscribed independent content creator on YouTube.

The OG influencer has been gaming on the platform for 12 years, and has a substantial fanbase of over 111 million subscribers to show for it.

As such, it’s no surprise that he might get recognized in public from time to time. This is especially true when he attends a convention or other event where fans are invited.

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YouTube: PewDiePie
Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is YouTube’s most-subscribed independent content creator, boasting over 111 million subscribers at the time of writing.

Most recently, this occurred during a pop-up shop for his wife, Marzia’s, pottery store.


The pop-up took place from March 19-24 in Brighton, UK, where he and Marzia are living until they eventually move to Japan.

Of course, the event garnered some buzz and fans of Marzia and her products streamed into the store to get some goodies — including one fan who recorded a small snippet of their experience at the shop.


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The video shows Felix helping Marzia out by restocking shelves with various ceramic pots as customers waited in line to check out.

The fan uploaded the short video to Reddit, humorously captioning the clip: “Not me crying because I finally met Pewds.”


Unfortunately, the video wasn’t met with positivity, as one commenter claimed it was “kinda weird to just record someone.”

“If you ever see him again just say hi, he might be an inspiration to all of us but at the end of the day he’s a person and I’m pretty sure he’d prefer to be treated as one,” they wrote.

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Reddit PewdiepieSubmissions
One commenter wasn’t too jazzed about the fan’s recording.

The comment garnered over 2.1k likes, showing that many fans were in agreement.

PewDiePie defends fan who recorded him in pop-up shop

However, Pewds had a different take on the situation, saying that it’s totally fine in certain situations to record and clarifying that the fan had, in fact, said hi.


“Well, she did just say hi,” Felix said. “It was totally fine. I feel like, in that shop, it was kind of expected that people were gonna do that, so I really don’t mind.”

“It’s more like, weird if I’m on the street or something,” he added.

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Although PewDiePie has been adamant about not being approached during moments like dinner, it looks like he’s willing to let it slide for certain circumstances.