PewDiePie criticizes YouTube's creator burnout after reaching 8 year milestone

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg manages to upload videos on a near-daily basis - which has him humorously skeptical of other YouTubers’ burnout in the space.


PewDiePie commented on the issue during an episode of ‘LWIAY’ on March 16, where he poked fun at other creators’ exhaustion due to creating content.

“You know how all these other YouTubers go, ‘Oh guys, I’ve been making videos for three years every single day, boo hoo!’” he joked.



He went on to note that he has been uploading videos for over eight years and ten months - 3,244 days, in fact.

“Eight years!” he continued. “I don’t take breaks!”

PewDiePie, Twitter / Tubefilter
PewDiePie, Twitter / Tubefilter
PewDiePie has been uploading videos to YouTube for over eight years and ten months - 3,244 days, in fact, marking a major milestone for the YouTube king.


Although he was joking, this isn’t the first time PewDiePie has been critical of creator burnout - he likewise took shots at popular YouTuber Lilly Singh in late 2018, after she announced a hiatus to look after her mental health.

“I’m getting a little annoyed by it,” he said of the issue. “I’m not gonna lie. It’s like, shut up. Shut up, children. Just take a break.”


He went on to speculate that Singh was taking a break to draw attention to her channel, and questioned if she were happy with the content she was making at the time.

However, Felix also advised creators faced with burnout to step away from the platform - even if they were worried about losing subscribers due to a lack of activity.

PewDiePie is currently in the midst of a subscriber battle with Bollywood label T-Series, and was even briefly overtaken by the channel.


Thanks to his loyal fanbase, the YouTuber has managed to pull ahead for nearly six months - and has reached a whopping 89 million subscribers in the process.