PewDiePie challenges Elon Musk to create Rick & Morty SpaceX rocket

YouTube: PewDiePie / Adult Swim

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg challenged Tesla CEO Elon Musk to create a Rick & Morty themed rocket. The Swede wants the tech millionaire to take memes to the next level.

PewDiePie is a known admirer of Elon Musk, praising him on several occasions in past videos. The billionaire even hosted the Swedish entertainer’s popular show ‘Meme Review’ in February 2019.

However during his February 28 ‘Last Week I Asked You’ segment, the YouTuber hilariously challenged the tech giant to make a Rick & Morty themed rocket based on Pickle Rick.

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During his first LWIAY since taking his month-long break, the YouTube star reacted to a meme about the Tesla CEO putting the anime Alita: Battle Angel on the side of one of his rockets.

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In disbelief of the story, Pewds joked, “No, he did not do that. He was supposed to put subscribe to PewDiePie…oh it’s a dead meme anyways.” He then reiterated, “He did not do that. He should have put Pickle Rick on it. Then he truly would have my respect!”

He then broke into laughter after Googling it and discovering the tech billionaire had tweeted about it on February 25. “He did do that! Nooo! The absolute mad lad! That’s so dope!”

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The Swedish star challenged Musk to doing another themed rocket – this time based on the animation Rick & Morty. “Do a Pickle Rick next time, Elon! Do it! I want to see a Pickle Rick!” he said, clapping his hands and laughing.

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“Ah, that would truly make me happy!” he exclaimed. “If I see a Pickle Rick on an Elon Musk rocket I would be like… “In general I question if existence is worth it. Pain usually outmeasures pleasure. But there was a Pickle Rick on a rocket once. So I think humanity was worth it!'”

Pewds then stated that Musk had a “big brain” and begged him to let him fly on a rocket. “Elon, can I go on rocket please? Please? I ask, Pickle Rick rocket please. Can I be first pilot?”

(Timestamp 02:35 for mobile users.)

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While PewDiePie is considered the king of memes, Elon Musk is quite the connoisseur himself. The Tesla CEO has won the internet multiple times with hilarious tweets that have gone viral.

So who knows, maybe fans might get another collaboration between the YouTuber and the tech giant in the future. And it might even include a crazy rocket if Swede gets his wish.