PewDiePie “calls out” MrBeast during honeymoon vlog

Virginia Glaze
PewDiePie, MrBeast - YouTube

YouTube king Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg finally tied the knot with wife Marzia Bisongin on August 19 after eight years together – and, of course, he vlogged their honeymoon, which included a hilarious callout toward another major YouTuber.

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After celebrating their marriage in London’s Kew Gardens, Felix and Marzia took their honeymoon in the lushious jungles of Bali, an island province in Indonesia.

Between traveling to breathtaking waterfalls and historic temples, the couple also relaxed at their hotel, which came complete with a private pool that staff filled with flower petals during their stay.

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While their vlog shows ample footage of the couple relaxing in the pool, PewDiePie took the opportunity to make a well-intended jab toward fellow YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, known for the insane stunts and massive cash giveaways in his videos.

“Yo MrBeast,” PewDiePie jokingly challenged. “Bet you never filled a pool a quarter full with roses. Got ‘em!”

(Timestamp: 10:08 for mobile viewers)

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Although MrBeast may not have taken on that particular feat, the YouTuber has filled up his neighbor’s pool (and backyard) with 100 million orbeez before – a slightly more destructive challenge when compared to flower petals.

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In fact, PewDiePie’s challenge could make for yet another crazy video idea for MrBeast, considering that he revealed his girlfriend to the world in mid-June – and with his habit of dropping massive cash on people, we can only imagine how over-the-top his Valentine’s Day might be.

PewDiePie’s callout was obviously made in good humor, as the two YouTubers have a history of cooperation between each other: the already popular MrBeast went viral in October 2018 after campaigning for Kjellberg’s channel in the thick of his battle with T-Series, and even held up posters for the Swede at the 2018 Super Bowl.

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The good-natured challenge was far from the funniest thing to come out of PewDiePie’s honeymoon vacation, though: Kjellberg even recreated a famous scene from The Witcher 3, where Geralt relaxes in a bathtub – albeit, this time, the bath was filled with flowers (and fans are begging him to sell bottles of the bathwater).

PewDiePie pulled off a pretty hilarious Geralt impression during his honeymoon vacation.

While MrBeast has yet to respond to PewDiePie’s odd callout, the YouTuber already has major plans in store for future content later this year, leaving fans waiting for even bigger and better videos from the internet sensation.