PewDiePie gets boost following Jake Paul’s “infiltration” of T-Series HQ

PewDiePie / T-Series / Jake Paul YouTube

Popular YouTuber Jake Paul went on a mission all the way to T-Series’ Indian headquarters for an elaborate scheme to bolster PewDiePie who finds himself way down in the race against the music label.

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After amassing a strong lead of over 100,000 subs, PewDiePie looked near unstoppable as he was starting to pull away from his YouTube rival. Though a startling change of events led to that gap disappearing almost instantly, and raised the alarms for the Bro Fist army.

Even though Jake and PewDiePie have had their differences in the past, the younger Paul brother put those disputes aside in an attempt to help out Pewds come back from an 800,000 subscriber hole.

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PewDiePie, YouTubePewDiePie has been in a contested race for the top spot on YouTube which has been rallying content creators to help boost his sub count.

A covert plan for people to Sub to PewDiePie

To raise awareness for PewDiePie, Paul schemed a plan to get into the T-Series headquarters while wearing “Subscribe to PewDiePie” shirts.

From the beginning, the YouTuber and his friend were visibly anxious to go through the ordeal, but they were determined to pull off the stunt to hopefully get PewDiePie back on level with the Indian music label.

During the drive to the studio, they admittedly had no idea how they were going to pull of their infiltration of the headquarters. As soon as they exited their taxi, they noticed people around them immediately glancing at them wherever they went.

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(Timestamp at 7:24 for mobile viewers)

Plan breaks down mid-way

Paul and his friend were getting more nervous by the minute, but the two got a blessing in disguise when they were instantly recognized outside the front gates of the building.

A small group of students walked up to Paul and invited them into the school building across the way from T-Series’ main headquarters. While in there, the YouTuber was starting to feel the pressure of wearing PewDiePie’s name emblazoned on the front of his shirt.

After a few walkthroughs around the rooms inside T-Series’ college, Paul was looking to go into the main headquarters of the company. Unfortunately for them, they weren’t allowed to actually go into the building without prior notice and were turned around when trying to go in.

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Jake Paul YouTubeJake Paul’s latest stunt had him trying to get into T-Series HQ to get more people to Sub to PewDiePie.

Even though they didn’t make it into T-Series’ headquarters, Paul still chalked up the endeavor as a win since they “finessed” their way into lesser seen parts of the company.

PewDiePie has a long way to come back from if he’s wants to take over T-Series again, so it’ll be interesting to see what the next major stunt from a vlogger will hold.