PewDiePie faces backlash for India – Pakistan comments amid YouTube race with T-Series

Alan Bernal
PewDiePie / YouTube

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg faced heavy backlash for his comments on the conflict between Pakistan and India in a March 12 PewNews update, forcing the content creator to delete the segment from his video.

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PewDiePie briefly touched on the Pulwama terror attack, which is having residual effects in the entertainment industry, as Indian music label T-Series has started pulling content from Pakistani artists.

PewDiePie admittedly didn’t know much about the the specifics revolving around the alleged terror attacks, but touched on the recent surge of Pakistani support he received since T-Series started removing Pakistani songs after being pressured by politicians.

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The YouTuber was visibly perplexed by T-Serie’s decision to remove Pakistani content from their site.

“Basically what happened was that after the Pulwama terror attack, T-Series removed Pakistani singers’ songs,” PewDiePie said. “… India blamed Pakistans for the attack, but Pakistan condemned the attack and denied any connection to it… But the most important thing out of all of this, is that the Pakistanis are on our side. Pakistan is on our side, T-Series. You’ll regret making this enemy.”

The since deleted clip showed a small group of Pakistani musicians and youth rallying in the streets with signs saying “Unsubscribe T-Series.”

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PewDiePie later clarified his stance on the issue, saying: “I think it’s clear that I didn’t mean anything in a bigger sense of what goes on between India and Pakistan. I was strictly speaking in the context of T-Series and artists getting screwed over, just want to make that clear here.”

Though the YouTuber took out the minute and a half segment regarding T-Series and Pakistan artists, there were negative sentiments among some of his fans.

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It seems the video might have had some impact on his race against T-Series, since PewDiePie has increased his lead on the music label to around 20,000 subscribers at the time of writing.