PewDiePie breaks silence to reveal he’s returning to YouTube very soon

YouTube: PewDiePie

The king of YouTube is back ⁠— more than a month after officially packing away the camera and disappearing to Japan in a self-imposed hiatus to “reset,” Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is set to return with a new video upload.

YouTube’s biggest creator has been offline since January 15, after he admitted he needed time away from the platform. He followed through on that promise with one last upload, and since then has largely been out of the public eye.

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It’s been a strange month for 103-million strong The Bro Army, who had become used to the near-daily uploads from the Swedish personality over the past decade.

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Outside of peeks into what he’s been up to through wife Marzia, and a hilarious clip of Pewds enjoying his break at a Karaoke bar with Australian YouTuber Joey ‘The Anime Man’ Bizinger and friends, it’s been radio silence.

36 days later, however, it looks like the king is ready to return to the YouTube grind, with the Swede confirming a new upload will be appearing on his channel “for the first time in 30 days” in the very near future.

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YouTube: PewDiePie
More than a month after disappearing on his hiatus from YouTube, Pewds is on the comeback trail.

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Pewdiepie appeared in an Instagram story upload on February 20, seemingly relaxing back at home and already on the content grind, to confirm the news.

“Tomorrow, I’m back from break guys, so look forward to it for tomorrow’s upload,” he said, and said it was “awesome” to be returning after his break. “It’s going to be a video for the first time in 30 days… see you guys tomorrow.”

While Pewdiepie was lax on the details for his impending upload, it can be assumed his first vlog back may go over a few of the details of his month-long break from the limelight, as well as what he plans to do in 2020 and beyond.

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Before announcing his extended break, Pewds likely struggled with the concern his channel, and career, may take a hit if headed out the door. Now that he’s on the verge of returning, it looks like there was nothing to be worried about.

While Pewdiepie has been AWOL for most of 2020, his channel has still been doing work in his absence — his loyal Bro Army fans binged his final upload more than 23 million times, and he’s still been garnering subscribers.

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In fact, his subscription pace has barely slowed despite the fact his last video release was nearly 40 days ago. According to stats from SocialBlade, the YouTuber has been collecting as many 33,000 new subs every day, on average.

YouTube: PewDiePie
The wait is over — fans will have a new PewDiePie video to watch this weekend.

Now, fans will be eagerly awaiting his return. No matter what he uploads first, it’s sure to be a smash hit as his millions of fans — and other curious onlookers from across the internet — tune in to see what the YouTube king has cooked up next.

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