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Entertainment • Feb 15, 2019

PewDiePie admits "I've made a huge mistake" as T-Series YouTube battle could be in jeopardy

PewDiePie admits "I've made a huge mistake" as T-Series YouTube battle could be in jeopardy

PewDiePie's fight with T-Series isn't showing any signs of slowing down as the two YouTube channels continue to go head-to-head for top spot - but the Swede may have made a mistake that could cost him the battle. 


PewDiePie has held the top spot on YouTuber for a number of years, but T-Series came out of nowhere in 2018, looking to take his crown. The Indian production company has pushed him all the way but Pewds retains a lead around the 60 thousand subscriber mark.

While the Swede has said in the past that he doesn’t care about the race, fans and other personalities have certainly taken an interest - helping to bolster his lead by any way possible. Fellow YouTuber MrBeastYT took everything one step further by securing some advertising at the recent Super Bowl 53.

However, PewDiePie’s interest in the race seems to be growing as he admitted to potentially having made a mistake in taking a break.


The Swede revealed to fans that he is headed on holiday but he is still ready for the fight against T-Series. In his ‘I’ve made a HUGE mistake…’ video, the Swede said: “I’m going on holiday because I feel so confident in my abilities that we will crush them, that’s why. T-Series, bring it!”

While he’s away, the fight will continue right on without missing a beat. “Now, I am going away but I still have videos prepared, that’s right T-Series, that’s right,” he added. “You thought you could beat me, huh - ‘oh, he’s going away’ - got videos prepared, bitch. Suck my Swedish meatballs."


While it remains to be seen if his holiday affects the race for top spot in any way, Pewds clearly cares about the whole thing more than he, perhaps, may want to let on. 

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