Petition to ‘Make Instagram Instagram Again’ goes viral with over 100,000 signatures

Instagram login on a phoneUNSPLASH: SOLEN FEYISSA

Controversial changes to Instagram prompt a viral movement to bring back the social media platform many know and love.

With TikTok taking over social media as we know it, both Instagram and Facebook have begun learning and adapting their own platforms to better incorporate the famous short videos. However, such an introduction quickly landed Instagram in a rather unpopular situation.

Such an update has sparked a variety of complaints, with one user opting to start a petition called ‘Make Instagram Instagram Again’. With a simple image and a hashtag, the trend has torn through Instagram with celebrities and thousands of users signing the already popular petition.

What is the Make Instagram Instagram Again trend?

Essentially, the Make Instagram Instagram Again trend was started by user and photographer @illumitati who, in a video posted shortly after explained their ‘hot take’ on the desire for Instagram to go back to being a place where they can see photos of their friends rather than strangers.

They also explained the desire to bring back chronological timelines, often hinting at its confusing design and offputting layout. Such timelines would better improve the network of discovery and allow people to really share their photos and for others to see what they actually want to see.

The movement has gained a lot of traction

The original post has received over one million likes in just a few days with the likes of Kylie Jenner, Only Jayus, and plenty of content creators on Instagram sharing the post.

A recent tweet by Frank Pallotta explores the impact of the last complaint-based movement Kylie Jenner involved herself in which saw Snapchat lose a considerable amount of money.

If you would like Instagram to change then you can sign the petition.