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People absolutely ruin Elon Musk’s Wikipedia page after he asks them to

Published: 16/Aug/2020 13:45

by Joe Craven


Eccentric billionaire Elon Musk is back up to his internet antics, asking his millions of Twitter followers to ruin his Wikipedia profile – to the point of the page being locked. 

Elon Musk made his name off tech success, owning and operating Tesla. However, his internet profile has transcended his financial career, amassing millions of followers on social media because of his eccentricity and bizarre behavior.

Back in May, he wiped $14 billion off his own company’s value with one single tweet. While his latest tweet certainly did no harm to his Tesla stocks, it did some surface-level damage to his Wikipedia page.

Elon Musk smiling
YouTube: PewDiePie
Musk is known for his eccentricity and eclectic tweets.

On August 16, Musk tweeted: “Please trash me on Wikipedia, I’m begging you.” The reasons for his demands were not clear, but fans were only too happy to oblige.

In fact, so many fans flocked to his Wikipedia page to virtually vandalize it, that the page quickly became locked and uneditable.

One fan, for example, edited the page to describe Musk as a “piece of sh*t”, and joked that “all major wars, diseases and financial disasters can of the last century can be directly attributed to Mr. Musk or one of his companies.”

Elon Musk edited Wikipedia page
Twitter: @WholeMarsBlog
The bizarre edit from Musk’s Wikipedia.

However, the number of people flocking to edit the Tech billionaire’s page caused Wikipedia to quickly lock it to prevent untrue edits. Many Twitter followers were left disappointed after going to edit the page and being denied access.

User’s started getting a warning that the page had been protected to prevent vandalism.

It’s no surprise that Musk’s page was quickly protected, with Wikipedia being one of the world’s most used sources for celebrity profiles. It’s fair to assume that blaming Musk for all the wars, diseases and financial disasters in the world probably falls some way short of their standards.

Just another day with Elon Musk on Twitter.


Mr Beast reveals insane figure behind most expensive YouTube video ever

Published: 27/Oct/2020 6:47 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 6:52

by Brad Norton


Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson is known for some of the most generous giveaways and lucrative challenges on the internet, though the YouTube celebrity has revealed the extreme costs that come with some of his biggest projects.

Mr Beast boasts one of the biggest YouTube channels in the world with over 45 million subscribers. However, his success certainly hasn’t come cheap. Despite raking in tens of millions of views across dozens of videos, production costs have only skyrocketed.

Revealing the secrets behind his channel, Mr Beast went into detail on the latest episode of The CouRage and Nadeshot Show. From the most he’s ever made with one video to the most he’s ever spent.

At the beginning of 2019, Mr Beast and his crew ate a steak worth $10,000 to draw in viewers. That figure pales in comparison to how the year came to a close — December 19, 2019, marks the date of their most costly video and there’s a good chance it isn’t topped anytime soon.

“What’s the most money you’ve ever spent on one video?” Nadeshot asked, putting him on the spot. “The most we spent was probably $1.2 million,” Mr Beast responded without hesitation.

“We did ‘Last to Take Hand Off $1,000,000 Keeps It,’ and then the second place got $30,000.” Third place also got a good chunk of change, and it cost “around $40,000 to set up,” he added.

Given the extraordinary cost of his biggest project to date, it took a bigger hit than perhaps even the crew had planned. “Literally at the end of 2019, our cash flow was low… We had to borrow a little money to keep filming.”

While some videos may see “six-figures” in ad revenue along with sponsorship bonuses on the side, Mr Beast confirmed that a majority of income goes straight back into the channel. “We go hard. We dump it all back in.”

“When we first started scaling up my mum and I would fight all the time,” he said. “She thought I was crazy.” Despite the arguments, things have only gotten more out of hand with Mr Beast’s surging popularity.

Just over $1 million is the biggest video to date. Though Nadeshot was curious what the creator would do with 100 times that. “I would buy a private island, put 100 YouTubers on it, and whoever survives the longest, gets it.” 

A real-world battle royale is his dream video. Only time will tell if this crazy project ever gets greenlit, but if anyone’s going to pull it off, it’ll be Mr Beast.