PaymoneyWubby rushes away from fist-fight in fear of second Twitch ban

by Brad Norton


While walking the stress of Las Vegas during a recent IRL broadcast, Twitch streamer ‘PayMoneyWubby’ accidentally stumbled upon a brawl, and frantically rushed to get away in order to avoid another ban on the streaming platform.

Having already been banned once before after innocuously broadcasting inside a restaurant, PayMoneyWubby is all too aware of how Twitch streamers can be removed from the platform through no fault of their own.

Casually taking to the streets of Las Vegas in a February 2 stream, Wubby and his friends were enjoying their time until a fight broke out behind them. Instantly thinking of the consequences, the streamer rushed to get away from the brawl.


Ordering a few drinks at a bar, everything was cool and calm, until a man wearing a blue shirt face-planted into the floor behind them, well in view of the camera.

As tensions boiled over and those fighting got louder and louder, the crew quickly realized what was happening and turned their attention to the fight. 

“Oh sh**. Turn away, turn away, turn the camera away,” Wubby panicked as he stepped in front of the stream in an attempt to obscure the brawl and avoid violating any obscure Twitch policies.


While Wubby was obviously not at all involved in the scuffle himself, nor did his crew try to promote the fight in any way - the complete opposite in fact - he knew all too well that Twitch can be iffy at the best of times with their rulings. 

The official Twitch community guidelines emphasize “acts of violence will be taken seriously and are considered zero-tolerance violations. All accounts associated with such activities will be indefinitely suspended.”

“Walk away, walk away,” Wubby repeated as the group hurried away in the opposite direction with their drinks. “That fight was crazy. You guys couldn’t see it but that was a real fight. That was insane.”

YouTuber Paymoneywubby talks to his audience
YouTube: Paymoneywubby
Wubby grew to fame on YouTube and Twitch for breaking down the most bizarre videos on the internet and criticizing fellow content creators.


There’s seemingly no way in which the streamer can be met with another foolhardy ban from the Amazon-owned streaming service, but crazier punishments have certainly been handed out in the past.

“Should we blow this popsicle stand and go somewhere safer?” Wubby asked as the crew left the explosive scene, and a potential ban, behind and tried to keep the rest of the stream well within Twitch’s terms of service.