PaymoneyWubby explains why Logan Paul’s fake Pokemon card scam was “so stupid”

Twitch streamer PaymoneyWubby has explained how Logan Paul’s $3.5M ‘1st Edition Base Set’ Pokemon box scam could’ve all been avoided and how it was “so stupid.”

In December 2021, Logan Paul revealed he’d purchased a box of 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon cards for a ridiculous $3.5M. However, the YouTuber was then stunned after hearing the box may not be authentic — essentially meaning Paul would’ve lost $3.5M.

A video from Logan on January 13 finally put the conspiracies to rest, as he met with vintage card authenticators BBCE who originally certified that the box was real. As it turns out, the box was indeed fake and filled with G.I Joe cards.

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Now, popular Twitch streamer PaymoneyWubby has reacted to Logan’s video and explained how the “stupid” situation could’ve been simply been avoided.

In a video uploaded on January 20, Twitch star Dennis ‘PaymoneyWubby‘ Richardson explained how the “stupid” and “crazy” situation could’ve all been avoided.

“I have purchased six-figure sealed boxes of vintage cards in the past,” PaymoneyWubby revealed. “I have boxes that I own that could be fake, but here are my two takes: Why is there a company authenticating a cardboard box like this?

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“Here’s who I blame more than anything though: everyone who has purchased this box is stupid. Why would you not have some sort of deal where I will purchase this, but we have to open it on camera, determine it’s legit, and then seal it on camera? I’m so baffled by that.”

Wubby added: “Why would you buy a $3.5 million box of cardboard? What blows my mind too, you didn’t even need to do all of that. You could have weighed this box because I know the G.I. Joe cards don’t weigh as much as the Pokemon cards. It would have been so far off you’d know instantly. This is so stupid.”

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“Because it’s all probably fake Wubby,” said one viewer in his chat. “Well maybe so, but it’s fake at the sacrifice of the company. That’s crazy.”

Logan Paul was accused of faking the $3.5M box scandal but has since denied those claims, insisting that “it’s not fake at all.” After this situation, Logan will likely be more cautious when purchasing his next box.