Pat McAfee responds after Dr Disrespect calls him out for NFL skills challenge

Pat McAfee and Dr DisrespectYouTube: Pat McAfee/Dr Disrespect

Former NFL star turned internet superstar Pat McAfee responded to Dr Disrespect laying down the gauntlet over him being able to throw a football further than the former punter could kick. 

Dr Disrespect has never shied away from giving his take on something when he doesn’t like it, nor does he hold back when he pumps up his own credentials. 

Be it on a shooter like Warzone or Valorant, or even on the basketball court, the Two-Time is convinced that he’s going to win every time, and he’s going to do so in pretty nice fashion as well. 

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More recently, while he was playing Valorant, he laid the gauntlet down to former NFL punter Pat McAfee, saying he could throw a football easily further than Pat could kick nowadays. So, the podcaster, radio host, and now WWE analyst responded as only he knows how. 

Twitch: DrDisrespect
The Doc is never one to shy away from having his opinion on things.

During the May 12 episode of the Pat McAfee show, the former Indianapolis Colt sang the Doc’s praises, saying he is a “big fan” and complimented his now-signature jet black hair but his co-host AJ Hawk agreed with the Doc’s own assessment that he could throw further than Pat could kick, which prompted some almost fighting words. 

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“He might be right, I have no idea how far I could punt a ball right now,” Pat admitted. “I kicked a couple of field goals a couple of weeks ago, they probably would have been good from 55-ish but I couldn’t walk the next day and had to act as if I felt good. 

“I’ll throw one too. I got a pretty good arm too,” Pat added, saying he’ll try a few things out and see if the Doc’s right. “I’ll go one time, see where I’m at, and I’ll come back with an answer.”

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The 34-year-old further sung the streamer’s praises, saying he has a “lot of respect” for him and was delighted that he was on the Doc’s radar. 

Whether or not the Two-Time will have to jump out of the Arena and start throwing some footballs remains to be seen, but it’s an unexpected crossover that could work out pretty well for the pair of them.

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