Parking lot “battle royale” goes viral as one-vs-one girl fight becomes massive brawl

parking lot brawl between womenTwitter/FightMate

An insane parking lot fight between two girls devolved into a wild “battle royale” brawl that needs to be seen.

Over the years we’ve seen dozens of parking lot battles, including one where a police officer hit a woman with a Rock Bottom WWE finisher, but this rumble is something special because of how quickly things spiraled out of control.

When it comes to fights, 1v1 is always the fairest unless weapons are involved and it seemed like a group of women had agreed to fight with honor, at least at the beginning.

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In a video uploaded by FightMate, two women started throwing fists at one another as a group gathered and it wasn’t long until others joined in on the action.

Wild fight between two women becomes all-out brawl

As the first fight commenced, the two girls traded blows before one landed a solid low kick to knock her opponent to the concrete, but she was back on her feet again to continue in a jiffy.

With round two underway, another girl in red sweatpants found a dance partner in the form of a woman in a black dress. After accepting the challenge, the two went right at it, firing off explosive haymakers.

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Eventually, more girls started getting into the fight, joining the battle one after the other like it was a WWE Royal Rumble match. However, when the girls in their individual skirmishes ended up hitting each other, all hell broke loose.

At this point, all of the girls were frantically hitting each other and a complete brouhaha ensued. Men who were watching the mayhem were forced to get involved and attempt to separate the combatants.

In the comments, users called the madness a “battle royale” and some compared the initial 1v1s to the fighting game Tekken.

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It’s not clear if anyone was injured in the viral brawl or when it took place, but since being posted the fight had been a whopping 500,000 times on Twitter.

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