PaladinAmber has perfect response for trolls asking to see her body

Virginia Glaze
PaladinAmber, Twitch

Australian streamer “PaladinAmber” is a popular face on Twitch, known for her cheeky sense of humor and hilarious interactions with viewers — but one fan got a bit too comfortable during a January broadcast.

Often touted for her funny commentary on social issues, such as the Australian bush fires, Amber is hailed for taking sometimes serious and awkward moments in stride, making for some seriously humorous moments.

One such moment occurred during a broadcast on January 14, when a viewer got a little too comfortable and asked her an invasive question in the chat.

PaladinAmber poses for a selfie.itspaladinamber, Instagram
PaladinAmber is one of Australia’s top streaming stars.

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Never one to shy away from calling out inappropriate comments, Amber decided to read the message aloud, which simply read, “Boobs?” as if asking her to show off her body.

Unfortunately for the commenter, Amber had a completely different response in mind — one that left the rest of the chat reeling with laughter.

“What, are you asking for some?” she replied. “I can’t do that. I’m not a surgeon. You’ve come to the wrong place. I mean like, I could, but my credentials would not check out. You would end up with some really lopsided looking titties.”

PaladinAmber makes a PSA to her viewers.PaladinAmber, Twitch
PaladinAmber is known for her hilarious PSA’s, which mimic real-life advertisements.

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That wasn’t the end of her spiel, either: the streamer continued to roast the commenter after they apologized for their request, dragging out the joke even further.

“No, that’s alright!” she answered, “Look, I hope you find a good surgeon. I hope you get the boobs that you’re after.”

However, the user wasn’t done begging, and even asked again — prompting yet another humorous response from Amber.

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“Boobs, please?” she read. “Look, you can ask as much as you want, but I just don’t have the credentials to help you!”

Amber’s conversation with the thirsty viewer has since gone somewhat viral, marking yet another hilarious moment in the streamer’s already packed repertoire of funny instances in her Twitch archives.

This interaction follows her commentary on the devastating Australian wildfires, with the broadcaster giving a cheeky PSA on the country’s national emergency that has seen numerous personalities like Ninja donate towards in hopes of staving off the ongoing blaze.