Paddy Pimblett responds to Jake Paul’s $1 million fight offer: “Come to Vegas”

YouTube: Jake Paul/MMA Weekly

UFC star Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett has responded to Jake Paul’s $1 million challenge for a pre-fight spar, and he’s open to clashing with ‘The Problem Child’ soon. 

Jake Paul has been in a war of words with a number of fighters over the last few years, with the YouTuber-turned-boxer constantly dishing out challenges for fights and other things. 

As he’s sort of turned his attention away from Tommy Fury, putting fight offers out to three different fighters, he’s somewhat circled back to targeting Mixed Martial Artists. In fact, UFC star Paddy Pimblett has found himself in Jake’s crosshairs as ‘The Problem Child’ has offered him the chance to spar ahead of his next fight after he claimed that the YouTuber’s fights are “fixed.”

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Even though a substantial amount of bragging rights would be on the line, Jake decided to sweeten the deal a bit by offering Pimblett $1 million to make it happen. And, well, the Scouser is interested. 

Paddy Pimblett hits back at Jake Paul’s sparring offer

Pimblett spoke to TMZ Sports shortly after Jake dished out his lucrative sparring offer, and put his interest on record. Though, he wanted Jake to fly to Las Vegas to make it happen rather than it going down in Puerto Rico.

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“Of course, but I’m under contract with the UFC and he’s said this knowing full well that I’m fighting next week,” Pimblett said, confirming his interest. “Come to the PI next week. Come to the PI next week and bring $1 million in a bag and I will spar with you. Let’s do it, I’m in Vegas from Thursday.”

The Baddy confirmed that he’d be underweight in the days leading up to the fight, but he could stick around after and be closer to Jake’s weight, making it a more even contest. 

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While he’s not the UFC’s most natural striker, Pimblett confirmed he’d be willing to box with Jake too. “I think he’s a decent boxer, now,” he added. “I think he’d beat Tommy Fury, but I know he wouldn’t beat me.”

As it stands, Jake has yet to respond to Pimblett’s offer, so we’ll have to wait and see if it comes to fruition. But it’s certainly something that has gotten fans interested.

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