P90princess calls out NICKMERCS with claims he’s not living by “peace and love” motto

p90princess beef with NICKMERCSInstagram: p90princess / Twitch: NICKMERCS

Twitch streamer p90princess and NICKMERCS have had ongoing drama for over a year, and she’s now calling him out, claiming he doesn’t live by his “peace and love” motto.

If you have missed any of the previous events, the drama between the two parties stemmed from a Warzone tournament. Ali’s (p90princess) boyfriend, HusKerrs, and Nick got into an in-game disagreement, and it’s expanded far beyond the game.

NICKMERCS has accused princess and Husk of “dirty rat energy” after she came at him for flexing his viewership over a random Twitch chatter.

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Fast forward to March 2022, the beef is unsettled, and Ali is calling out the streamer for not helping the situation.

P90princess claims to be harassed by NICKMERCS’ MFAM community 

In a tweet on March 19, Ali revealed that she’s been dealing with harassment from the MFAM community for “a year.”

“It’s been a year of harassment from the mfam,” she tweeted. “I finally reached out to nick to ask for peace…and I get blocked.”

She revealed that she reached out to Nick directly via Twitter DMs and asked “that we all just forgive and move forward.” Ali said that harassment has gone to both her and HusKerrs, but claims Nick has not tried anything to stop his community from doing it.

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After sending the message, she claimed that NICKMERCS blocked her on Twitter and said, “If you preach peace and love then live it.”

Those that tune into Nick’s stream will know that he is constantly spreading positivity and telling his chat “peace and love.” However, p90princess says he isn’t willing to stop the hate.

According to NICKMERCS’ social media manager, he has “gone on stream on numerous occasions telling viewers not to send any hate messages.”

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In a thread, he added that Nick tried to settle this privately, but Ali and Husk declined to do so. However, Ali responded by saying that her messages to Nick were simply for “peace between us” and not to ask him to tell his stream to stop harassing them.

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