Overwatch League’s Custa says he would sell his bathwater - “That’s free money!” - Dexerto

Overwatch League’s Custa says he would sell his bathwater – “That’s free money!”

Published: 17/Jul/2019 23:05 Updated: 18/Jul/2019 0:16

by Michael Gwilliam


LA Valiant’s Australian OWL support star Custa says he would join the gamer bathwater craze started by Belle Delphine and sell his because it’s “free money”.

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In a new “Custa News Network” video on the Los Angeles Valiant’s YouTube channel, Scott ‘Custa’ Kennedy answered questions from multiple users. One asked, “is gamer girl bathwater a soup, stock or beverage?” 

“I’m gonna avoid that one,” Custa replied. “And just give it a pass Because that’s… the whole concept of what the gamer girl bathwater is just wild and I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.” 


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The question was a reference to Instagram model Belle Delphine’s infamous “Gamer Girl Bathwater” such she sold in containers for $30 a pop.

Despite not wanting to talk about the bathwater, the support star admitted that if people were willing to spend $30 on his bathwater, he “100%” would sell his. 

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“Why wouldn’t you sell it?” he asked. “It’s $30. That’s just free money.”

“Think about it, I can have a bath, I’ve been draining all my water my entire life. I could be a millionaire,” he added. 

Belle Delphine/InstagramInstagram star Belle Delphine went viral after selling her bathwater for $30 a bottle
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Custa isn’t the first Overwatch League star to reference or allude to Gamer Girl bathwater. Toronto Defiant’s Gods joked on Twitter about selling, “head sweat from the cranium of the gods. $5 for a sample, $30 for 8oz of my head sweat. Health benefits and good luck or your money back. (supernatural abilities not guaranteed.) DM me.”


Belle Delphine’s batch of Gamer Girl Bathwater, which retailed for $30, sold out in a single day.

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It would be interesting (and scary) to see if any of these players actually attempt to sell their bathwater or head sweat. 

Custa started his Overwatch League career back in season one as a member of the Dallas Fuel. A blockbuster trade saw him head to the Valiant in exchange for French support powerhouse Unkoe.

He became a stage champion last season when the Valiant defeated the then reigning two-time stage champions, New York Excelsior.