OTK quickly unbanned on Twitch after “false” copyright claim


OTK has been unbanned on Twitch just hours after a “false” copyright claim had their channel removed.

Just hours after OTK Network’s Twitch channel was removed due to copyright issues, it has been restored.

Their channel is offline at the time of writing, and it’s unknown whether or not they’ll bring back their recently introduced LoFi streams.

Founded in 2020, OTK Network consists of some of the biggest streamers on Twitch like Mizkif, Asmongold, Sodapoppin, Emiru, Esfand, Brucedropemoff, and more. Over the last few months, they have focused on growing their portfolio as they’ve partnered with former WoW developers to create their own game, and most recently launched their own PC building company.

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OTK gets short ban on Twitch

Alongside the launch of Starforge Systems with MoistCr1TiKal on August 8, OTK’s very own PC building service, the popular Twitch organization also revealed their 24/7 LoFi stream.

Doing so, they created their very own ‘LoFi girl,’ modeled after Emiru. It was quickly met with positivity, as they’re among the first channels to begin a constant LoFi stream on Twitch.

Less than two days later, the org’s channel was hit with a Twitch ban due to apparent copyright issues.

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OTK Network twitch channel bannedTwitch: OTKNetwork

The organization’s Twitch channel has amassed over 184,000 followers on the platform since its creation in September 2020 and has been the home to a variety of event streams since then.

OTK members respond to Twitch ban

During his stream, OTK member Nick ‘nmplol’ Polom commented on the ban and revealed that it was likely a false copyright strike.

“It was a good run, it was a good three days. We really got it going. How does this even happen? We just can’t catch a break in OTK, can we? We’re trying different things and this happens,” he said.

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The channel is available to view, as normal, following the lifting of their suspension.

The org has joked that this is the perfect way for them to grow their channel, as others in the past have seen spikes in interest due to being removed from Twitch for a short period of time.

Whether this ban has an effect on followers or subscriber counts remains to be seen, but they appear to have seen the lighter side of the situation.

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