OTK Co-Founder Rich Campbell argues to unban viewer sharing graphic Hasan fan fiction

hasan pike shirtless

During a ban appeal segment on Nmplol’s Twitch stream, Rich Campbell defended a fan who was banned for sharing Hasan Pike fan fiction.

One True King members Nicky ‘Nmplol’ Polom and Emily ‘Emiru’ Schunk were recently joined by OTK Co-Founder Rich Campbell during a Ban Council segment on stream. This is where OTK members review Twitch ban appeals and decide whether users should be freed from their virtual time out.

While Campbell struggled to grasp the rules of the Ban Council – often issuing his judgment too early – he enjoyed providing creative reasons for why users should be unbanned.

A little bit into the bans, Emiru began reading a lengthy message from a user named ‘keysanders’ but stopped after she realized the direction the message was heading. Fortunately, Campbell picked up where she left off to indulge the viewers with a bit of Hasan fan fiction.

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Rich Campbell votes to unban fan fiction poster

Halfway into reading the post, nmplol attempted to stop Campbell after the text became too graphic, but Campbell continued on. Nicky then covered the text with the webcam box so viewers couldn’t read Hasan’s fictional actions.

After Campbell finished the passage, he read the appeal message which specified that keysanders was banned for posting this in the offline chat. “Why did they get banned in the offline chat for that?” Rich questioned.

Nmplol stated he didn’t think users were allowed to talk about that kind of activity on Twitch. To which Rich responded, “It comes down to how Hasan likes being talked about.”

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Ricky commented that he didn’t think Hasan cares about what anyone says, and Rich agreed using that as an argument for why the user should be unbanned.

Campbell elaborated by explaining how he thought the Hasan fan fiction was funny and enjoyed it when his own viewers wrote fan fiction about him. “Usually it wouldn’t be about Hasan. Sometimes it would be, sometimes it would be about Sonic the Hedgehog.” He went on to list other creators that were featured in his fan-fics like Mizkif and Asmongold.

Ultimately, keysanders was unbanned as Emiru, Campbell, and Malena unanimously voted to let the user join chat once more.

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