Students find teacher’s OnlyFans account and beg to join her class

onlyfans teacher sofia coste posesInstagram/sofiacoste_95/TikTok

A new OnlyFans teacher is taking the internet by storm after students discovered her account and wanted to be in her classroom.

We’ve seen a ton of teachers get flack and even terminated for being on OnlyFans, but one by the name of Sofia Coste has emerged and is showing no signs of losing her job.

The OnlyFans model, who proudly announces on Instagram that she’s a “school teacher turned content creator,” has been making rounds on TikTok for her videos discussing her teaching career.

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Amazingly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, she even has students wanting to be in her class after her page was discovered – but the teacher has used this to her advantage by making new content.

Students discover teacher’s OnlyFans and want to be in her class

According to Spanish media, the teacher has made several TikToks pointing to the fact she’s a teacher. In one, she jokes about “what students see” while she explains a formula for them.

In another with the caption “when some of my students find out about me,” she hushes a student and urges them to be quiet.

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Even more crazy is that she even seems to imply that she flirts with students’ parents, posting a Twitter video of her seemingly checking out a man with the caption, “When I see my student’s father.”

This hasn’t stopped other students from school wanting to be in her class. Her account is filled with messages such as, “I want to be your student,” or asking her to help teach them subjects.

Of course, this is hardly standard in the world of OnlyFans teachers. Many have lost their jobs over their mixed professions, while some are fighting tooth and nail to be able to do both.

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For instance, one educational assistant from British Columbia, Canada has been duking it out with the school board to be able to teach and still make OF videos. She even says the school district subscribed to her content to see what she was up to.

Most infamously, a science teacher in the US was terminated after she was caught filming content on students’ desks.

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