OnlyFans slammed by creators and fans after U-Turn on content ban decision

Onlyfans bans sexual contentOnlyFans

OnlyFans announced on August 25 that the October 1 policy change has been “suspended.” The changes would’ve seen most sexual content banned from the platform.

On August 19, OnlyFans shocked users by revealing plans to block sexual content from the site. While talking to The Independent, a representative cited “long-term sustainability” as the reason for the decision.

YouTuber and OF creator Corinna Kopf spoke out about the content ban in a series of Tweets. “Shame on OnlyFans for the direction they’re going,” she said.

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Creators from all corners of the internet were criticizing the site. Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions stated that “(OnlyFans) allowed performers to make their own money on their own terms.” Streamer Amouranth said this is a “societal issue that requires a… shift (in) our attitudes towards sex work.”

OnlyFans reversed the decision on August 25

OnlyFans announced their statement via Twitter. “We… have suspended the planned October 1 policy change,” they said. “OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.”

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They reassured that “an official communication to creators will be emailed shortly.”

The platform’s ‘Content & Engagement’ policy currently states that “unlike other social platforms, OnlyFans is welcoming of all creator genres and their content.” Despite this, their terms of service reveal that they reserve the right to “withdraw or restrict the availability of any part… for business reasons.”

OnlyFans reverse banThe decision was reversed on August 25

Creators slammed the U-Turn

One OnlyFans creator stated that the platform “literally does not care” about them and “thought they could get away with it.” Another said they feel “manipulated” by the site.

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Other creators insisted that OnlyFans should provide “financial compensation” for the “insensitive handling of the situation.”

ACLU said “This is welcome news, but sex workers’ livelihoods shouldn’t depend on the whims of individual platforms.”

Writer Mike Drucker mocked the decision, suggesting that OF had realized they relied on these creators for revenue.

Others question the wording of the statement, which said the plans had only been ‘suspended, rather than cancelled.

Whether the policy changes will return remains to be seen. With creators currently moving to other platforms, has the “whiplash” statement caused more harm than good?

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