OnlyFans model “thanks” army vets by filming sexual content with them in barracks

Cami Strella wearing straw hat and wearing white shirtInstagram: camistrella

An OnlyFans model “thanked” army veterans by filming sexual content with them in their barracks.

OnlyFans star Cami Strella, who donates 10 percent of her monthly earnings to military charities to help fund treatments for traumatic brain injuries and PTSD, has taken her appreciation one step further.

The adult content creator, who impressively sits among the top 0.02% of all creators on OnlyFans, shot her latest video inside military barracks with two army veterans — who were both serving at the time it was recorded.

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“I’ve always been into men in the military,” Strella told AVN. “I spent an entire summer working near a military base for my clinical rotation for grad school at the time, and naturally, I met a lot of military men that wanted to go out with me, and a random encounter led to us filming a video,” she said.

The OnlyFans star faced backlash for the video, with numerous fans claiming it goes against UCMJ — a federal law that applies to all members serving in the armed forces.

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However, Cami reassured fans the video was only released once they were officially a military veteran and added that they received “hefty” compensation.

“A lot of people are really up in arms claiming UCMJ and that this is illegal. I consensually filmed a s*x tape with someone and waited to release it until after that person was fully separated from the military after their contract ended.

“Nothing was released or monetized until they were officially a veteran. And yes, they received a hefty cut from the video!“

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The video has been seen by more than 120,000 of Cami’s OnlyFans subscribers since its release, and she is looking to increase her donations to selected military charities for the video.

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