OnlyFans model sues ex-boyfriend for $6.3 BILLION over “revenge videos”

Mikayla Saravia poses in pikachu bikiniInstagram/Mikayla Saravia

An OnlyFans model with a mammoth tongue is suing her ex-boyfriend for over one billion dollars after he took control of her account and posted revenge videos on it.

It seems like there’s new OnlyFans drama every single day. From teachers filming content in schools to being arrested on TikTok, there’s a lot of controversy on the platform.

The latest diabolical act of debauchery comes in the form of 25-year-old Mikayla Saravia, an OnlyFans megastar known for her massive tongue and ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hunter.

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According to Saravia, her ex hacked into her social media accounts and posted videos that she never intended to see the light of say.

OnlyFans model with massive tongue sues ex for $6.3B

As reported by DailyStar, Saravia claims that her ex took control of her social media and OnlyFans accounts after they ended their five-year relationship.

Her social media accounts are massive with over 8M Instagram followers and 600,000 on Twitter, meaning she has extreme reach and can easily go viral on the platforms.

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Saravia alleges that Hunter hacked into her OnlyFans and started selling videos and photos of her for as much as $35 a piece.

onlyfans model Mikayla SaraviaInstagram/kkvsh
Mikayla Saravia is suing her ex for billions.

The model’s lawyer, Joseph DiRuzzo, says Hunter took away Saravia’s control over what content gets published. This is similar to what happened to fellow OF star Amouranth.

“Defendant used the OnlyFans account to sell sexually explicit videos and images of the plaintiff based on material he had amassed prior to the severance of their business and personal relationship,” he said in the court complaint.

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As for why Saravia is asking for a massive $6.3 billion, the reasoning comes down to how many people on her Twitter account would have seen the content posted without her consent.

In total, she had 628,000 followers in October when the two broke up with the lawsuit representing $10,000 for each.

Regardless of the lawsuit, the feud between Mikayla and her ex is peanuts in comparison to some other OF couples. Just recently, Abigail White, aka ‘Fake Barbie’ complained about a lack of conjugal visits in jail after she stabbed her boyfriend to death.

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