Online Gaming Community Accuses RiceGum for Faking His Fortnite Gameplay After Suspicious Picture Goes Viral

. 4 years ago

Popular YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le has found himself in the spotlight of controversy once again, this time drawing the ire of the online gaming community.

A suspicious picture of RiceGum has resurfaced on the internet, once more sparking heavy accusations that the YouTuber fakes his own gameplay in his Fortnite videos.

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The picture depicts RiceGum playing Fortnite while also including a “hand-cam” on screen that captures his hand and controller motions. Ironically, it shows RiceGum with his hand lifted on his regular camera, while his hand-cam still shows both hands on the controller.

The picture and allegations against RiceGum were initially made several weeks ago in the video below by Fortnite YouTuber ‘NickEh30,’

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However, the picture has, for some reason, resurfaced and gone viral on Reddit and social media, to the point that the comments section for the post has been locked for “getting out of hand.”

Even eUnited professional Call of Duty player James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks tweeted out the picture, along with a caption poking fun at RiceGum. According to Clayster, the two have had confrontations in the past that have led to him getting blocked on Twitter.

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In response to these allegations against him, RiceGum released a video on May 22nd which began with him pretending to admit to faking his Fortnite gameplay.

“I fake my Fortnite gameplay… SIKE! You wish I did! I just had to click-bait to grab your attention!”

Obviously the denial is not very convincing, especially when considering how damning the evidence against him is.

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