Onepeg reveals Artesian Builds financial troubles as employees tried to oust CEO

onepeg artesian builds videoYouTube: Onepeg

YouTuber ‘Onepeg’ has released another Artesian Builds video detailing that their financial assets have been frozen. And, he claims employees tried to remove Noah Katz as CEO but failed. 

After being called out for belittling a streamer in a PC giveaway, Artesian Builds has been roasted by multiple creators and accused of tax evasion in the state of California.

On March 9, 2022, the company revealed that they have ceased operations and fired all of its employees. Since then, Onepeg has released more information regarding the company.

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In the upload, it’s stated that Artesian’s financial assets have been frozen, meaning they won’t issue refunds or build pending orders. On top of that, there are also messages from former employees showing they tried to remove Noah from his position before the collapse.

Artesian Builds financial trouble

During his March 9 upload, Onepeg says that he held conversations with multiple former employees of Artesian Builds who shared messages left by the CEO in the company’s Slack server.

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“The company has no money, they are broke,” he said. “They are no longer going to honor any returns or any other PC builds going forward. Everything that I can see here points towards Artesian Builds declaring bankruptcy in the near future.”

The YouTuber went on to show a message from Noah Katz that revealed the company business finances have been frozen.

Therefore, they will be unable to purchase parts to fulfill orders, issue refunds, or pay employees their last paycheck.

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Later on in the video, Onepeg noted that although Artesian Builds’ financial assets are frozen and they cannot fulfill orders. The website is still allowing users to spend thousands of dollars on something they may never receive.

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The company Etsy store for high-value crypto mining rigs is also still open for orders. However, according to the YouTuber, they changed the name to ABMining on March 4.

Employee attempt to remove Noah Katz as CEO

Alongside the information regarding the financial aspect of the company, Onepeg revealed through a message from a former employee that explained they attempted to have Noak Katz removed from his role as CEO.

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It reads: “Given the devastating actions taken against our community, lack of leadership through this time of company crisis, and toxic reputation he’s fostered; we are calling on our Board of Directors to remove our CEO, Noah Katz.

“The board needs to give the employees of Artesian Builds a fighting chance to save our jobs under new leadership.”

artesian builds

The YouTuber says that the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer left the company in 2021 — meaning the Board of Directors may just consist of Noah Katz and his parents.

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Artesian Builds claims they’re still available for investment, however, so perhaps we’ll see something from Trainwrecks in the coming days.

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