One Direction fans want to cancel Liam Payne & Logan Paul over divisive podcast comments

liam payne and logan paul on impaulsiveYouTube: Impaulsive

One Direction fans are attempting to cancel former member Liam Payne, while Payne’s stans want to cancel YouTuber Logan Paul, following divisive comments made by the pop star on Logan’s ImPaulsive podcast.

One Direction was one of the biggest boybands in history, and while they split in 2015, their fans have never given up celebrating them online.

While many of these have evolved into stans of the individual artists, there’s still a core love for One Direction there — but they’re now at loggerheads between wanting to cancel Liam, Logan, or even both of them.

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Liam appeared on the ImPaulsive podcast on May 31 and spoke about his past with One Direction, beef with other members of the band, potentially boxing, and a number of other topics, many of which have caused some viral moments already.

Before long, though, the stans had seen enough and came out in their droves to air their grievances with the podcast — both against Liam and against Logan. They even got ‘#LoganPaulIsOverParty’ trending on Twitter in their attempts to cancel the YouTuber.

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The main issue taken was with Liam’s comments about Zayn, joking about his ongoing issues with Gigi Hadid and saying that while he understands Zayn’s struggles, there are also a “number of reasons” why he doesn’t like him.

One fan said that it is “so embarrassing” that Liam went on an “irrelevant YouTuber’s podcast” to “start drama.”

Others found joy in the “trend” of One Direction fans cutting Liam out of their merchandise

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A number of fans came to Logan’s defense, though, saying that he shouldn’t be blamed for what Liam said about Zayn.

Of course, alongside all the hate, a number of fans were showing their undying support for Liam, too, saying that they “stand with him.”

The podcast has definitely become a wildly hot topic among One Direction fans and even further afield, but it remains to be seen whether either Logan or Liam publicly comment on the huge stir the episode caused.

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