Olive Garden sends waitress home for wearing ‘unappetizing’ white socks

Olive Garden waitress, Olive Garden restaurantTIKTOK: demibabyy2001 / WIKIMEDIA: ajay_suresh

An Olive Garden waitress went viral on TikTok after claiming she got sent home for wearing white ‘unappetizing’ socks.

The waitress, who posts under the name demibabyy2001 on TikTok, has racked up 1.9 million views after revealing that she wasn’t allowed to work her shift because of the color of her socks.

In a now-viral video, Demi ranted about the incident from her car, seemingly right after Olive Garden management told her to leave the restaurant.

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“I just got sent out of work because my socks were…white,” the server said. “Yeah, ’cause everyone and their mother’s just gonna lose their f**king appetite if they see a pair of white f**king socks. Grow the f**k up! God!”

According to Food Items, the Olive Garden dress code requires serving staff, bar staff, and bussers to wear black shirts, along with black pants, black socks, and black non-slip shoes.

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Many TikTok users in the comments shared their own dress code horror stories.

“When I worked for Denny’s, they would do the same thing that’s why they are always short handed. They care about feet,” one user wrote.

“My old manager at Jimmy John’s would literally LIFT my pant leg to see if I was wearing black socks… such a power trip,” another commented.

“I once got sent home because my black socks had a small design of a bee on the side,” a third shared.

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Others played along with Demi’s joke that white socks were ‘unappetizing’ for diners.

“I literally was eating and you said white socks and I lost my appetite,” one quipped. “I was actually eating at Olive Garden and saw a server with white socks and my appetite went away,” another said.

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