NymN’s Twitch stream host had heartbreakingly bad timing

Twitch: NymN / Twitch

Popular Twitch personality ‘NymN’ decided to host another channel during his stream. But after re-visiting the clip later on, a sub donation alert had the worst timing ever.

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One of the more charitable aspects of Twitch is when popular personalities with a big audience host another unexpected streamer which helps boost their views and followers.

However, this backfired for popular streamer NymN, who after hosting a channel that was having an emotional moment on September 13, revisited a clip of it when a sub alert happened at the worst timing ever, quickly making things awkward.

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Horrible timing

On his September 12 broadcast, NymN decided to be charitable and hosted another channel. Things quickly took an emotional turn as the streamer he hosted was telling his audience a heartbreaking story about death.

When the popular Twitch personality heard about the emotional streamer he had hosted, he went back to revisit a clip of it in front of his audience, when a sub alert sounded off which repeatedly yelled “Congratulations!”, accompanied with loud clapping.

As the sub text-to-speech continued to go on uncomfortably, the Twitch personality immediately gritted his teeth and looked side to side, as he recognized the timing was horrible.

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“That was bad timing…” he said somberly, as the originally-hosted stream clip continued in the background after the awkward moment had passed.

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Earlier in his stream, while being hosted by NymN, a Twitch streamer named ‘Seirion’ was in the middle of retelling his story about attending a funeral and explaining the emotional aspects of dealing with death of someone you know.

“The mother of my friend throughout the whole ceremony, she was just sitting there, not shedding a single tear, up to the moment that her son was buried,” he said.

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“It was by far the most powerful thing that I’ve ever seen. Knowing that you’ve had plans. Knowing that you had plans with that person and the next day you get a call… That friend died.”

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The moment was still emotional for many that watched, making NymN’s act of hosting his channel no less wholesome, regardless of the terrible timing of the sub alert snafu.