Streamer NymN surprised by length of channel ban for TwitchCon violation

Twitch streamer NymN has been left shocked after being banned for 14 days stemming from an unfortunate incident during TwitchCon 2019.

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TwitchCon is a time for many streamers to meet with their fans in person and take a break from the streaming grind.

Of course, not everyone takes time off as we saw NymN had some IRL streams during the convention, but unfortunately, he was met with a ban as a result of it.

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NymN said he was trying to get fellow streamer Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel to his meet and greet but accidentally streamed inside the Partner Lounge, which was one of the off-limits spots for IRL streams.

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“I’ve got some very bad news; Twitch has decided to suspend me for 14 days because I briefly streamed in the partner lounge – it was when getting xQc to his meet & greet,” he said. “I wasn’t thinking about where I was pointing the camera due to the stress of the situation.”

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NymN took full responsibility for his ban, but had some issues with the duration being 14 days, especially considering it’s the first time he’s actually been banned.

“The fault is definitely on me, though 14 days feels like a very long time for this especially considering I have never been suspended before,” he tweeted. “I’ll try to appeal so keep your fingers crossed.”

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This is certainly not the news you want to get coming off TwitchCon but at least it’s only two weeks instead of a permaban. That said, the length seems excessive and we expect to see the streamer back on Twitch before long.