NRG Hamlinz teases GTA RP content during insane return to Twitch

HamlinzYouTube, NRG Thoom House

After more than a year away from making content, Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin has officially made his return to Twitch. During his first stream back, he gave his viewers a good idea of what to expect in the future.  

Despite their popularity at the time, close friends Hamlinz and Daequan disappeared from the internet for over a year back in 2020 — leaving all their fans left to question whether or not they were okay.

After the duo officially announced their return to the internet with a new org and a content house full of their friends, their fans were left wondering when exactly they would return. They didn’t have to wait very long, as Daequan returned on September 4 and Hamlinz returned roughly a week later on September 12.

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During Hamlinz return stream, the creator explained why he has been missing for so long and also teased what content may look like in the future.

YouTube, NRG Thoom House
Daequan and Hamlinz recently signed with NRG, Created the “NRG Thoom House” with seven of their closest friends.

Hamlinz return to Twitch

The creator played a variety of games throughout the stream to show off what he’s been playing while away. During a playthrough of Summer of ’58 while wearing a wig, Hamlinz received a donation.

The donation message read: “Yoo you should try GTA RP and make a lil roleplay?? Play with xQc on NoPixel???”

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He explained to chat that he would be “down” to try out GTA RP and that he would have to read up on the rules first.

“I ain’t trying to get banned,” he said.

If Hamlinz were to start playing GTA RP, he could potentially play with the likes of xQc and Summit1g, assuming they’d play with him. Not to mention the possibilities of a Thoom House RP server that features all the members of the new content house.

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Even if Hamlinz is the only house member that is interested in playing he shouldn’t have any issue getting into NoPixel’s invite-only server, as his return stream peaked at over 65 thousand viewers over the almost 7 hours he was live.

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